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Published 7th January 2008, 10:59am

The Central Tenders Committee (CTC) has awarded an $85.5 million contract to McAlpine Ltd, to design and build a high performance Government Administration Building for over 900 staff that has a projected minimum life of 60 years.

The building has been designed to accommodate 34 Government functions including the Governor's Office, all Ministries and key Authorities and finance-related departments.

Mr. Kearney Gomez, Permanent Secretary of the Ministry of District Administration, Planning, Agriculture and Housing (DAPAH), signed the agreement with McAlpine's General Manager Mr. Ian Pairaudeau on 24 December 2007. The agreement is for McAlpine to design and build the accommodation, which will be located on Elgin Avenue, within the next 36 months.

This 230,000 sq. ft. building will be constructed on Crown land between the existing Glasshouse and Cricket Square. A new car park to accommodate government workers and visitors has been completed across the road, directly opposite the site.

The DAPAH Ministry's Project Office has confirmed that "the contract price includes for a turn key delivery including design, construction, furniture, fittings and equipment. Other works such as the Glass House demolition and road improvements are also included."

The facility will be constructed to resist hurricane and seismic (earthquake) forces, and will utilize technologies to reduce energy consumption and water usage. Designed to ensure an enhanced indoor environmental quality, including air quality, lighting, and sound reduction, the new building will receive a certification from the United States Green Building Council, for Leadership in Energy and Environmental Design (LEED).

Three companies were prequalified for this Government Office Accommodation Project (GOAP), after invitations to tender were publicly issued. In February 2007, two of the companies indicated that they were unable to submit tenders, leaving McAlpine as the sole bidder to submit a project proposal, which includes design and construction of this state-of-the-art building.

The price and design proposal were submitted to the Central Tenders Committee by McAlpine Ltd and assessed by a Government technical team. To ensure the correct procedures were followed, the Central Tenders Committee employed representatives from the Crown Agents of the United Kingdom to provide oversight on the assessment process.

The contract has been awarded after considerable negotiations between the parties to ensure best value has been achieved.