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Policy & Guidelines

Legislation & Regulations

Public Management And Finance Law (2010 Revision) — Financial Regulations (2010 Revision)
The Financial Regulations, 2004 consolidated with the Financial (Amendment) Regulations, 2005, the Financial (Amendment) Regulations, 2006, the Financial (Amendment) (No.2) Regulations, 2006, the Financial (Amendment) Regulations, 2007 and the Financial (Amendment) Regulations, 2009.

Revised under the authority of the Law Revision Law (1999 Revision).


Open Tender Process
General guidance to assist entities to undertake public procurement in accordance with Financial Regulations.
Prequalification Process
Ensuring invitations to tender are extended only to suitably qualified suppliers for certain specific contracts.
Principles Governing Public Procurement
This document outlines the principles which underpin procurement in the public sector.
Single Source Supplier - Guidance Note
Use of the single source procurement method.

Last Updated: 2012-11-26