Meeting Minutes

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Transparency in public procurement is critical as people’s perception and public trust in government is affected by the manner in which the government conducts itself in business transactions.

CTC’s role is to oversee the public tendering for goods and services by the Cayman Islands Government while ensuring transparency, impartiality and value for money. Accordingly, in the interest of fostering transparency, increasing access to government information as envisioned under Freedom of Information Law (2007) and applying best international procurement practice, CTC’s Meeting Minutes will be published online and available on request. Contact for a hard copy.

The minutes of a CTC meeting are a written record of the proceedings. They provide a concise summary of the Committee’s decisions and the Committee’s key considerations in making those decisions. The CTC Secretary provides executive support to the board taking notes of the proceedings during meetings and prepares the minutes.

CTC Minutes are not posted until they have been approved by the CTC. These minutes will be posted on a quarterly basis, two months after the quarter has ended. For example Minutes for the Jan-March 2013 period will be posted by 31st May 2013.